Gauging advice and facts;
Gauging hurts like a bitch for the most part. It’s like piercing your ear over and over again
Gauges can begin to stink if you don’t keep them clean. About a week after sizing up or when they stop being sore, clean your gauges every day or every other day.
This doesn’t happen for everyone, but sometimes, Tapers can be uncomfortable to have in when you’re trying to sleep. I suggest switching to plugs, or tunnels if you’re in the larger sizes.
Silicone tunnels are awesome. They tend not to smell and they’re very comfortable.
Never size up too fast. Wait at least 2 or 3 weeks. Sizing up any sooner puts you at risk for blowing out.This is what blowing out looks like ( and this one is healing, usually it looks like rotting flesh ) 
After sizing up past an inch, your gauges will not close. Do not size up larger than an inch if you plan on eventually letting them close up.
DO NOT SKIP SIZES. It hurts twice as bad, and you’re very likely to blow out your ear.
If you do blow out, don’t keep the gauge you blew your ear out with, there’s a chance that it will not heal. Put a smaller gauge in or take your gauges out all together.
This is a little rare, but I’ve seen it happen; You chance your gauges getting infected when you borrow gauges from someone else. Try your best to buy your own gauges, and if you really just can’t, make sure to wash the borrowed gauges in warm water and soap or let them soak in rubbing alcohol or Purel.
If you decide to take your gauges out, it will take a while, depending on how large of a size you had in. As long as it’s under an inch, it will close.

Wrong. Stretching should never hurt.
Wrong. It’s a sign your earlobes have the wrong material in. Personal hygiene should be enough to make sure you wash them every day.
They are the work of the devil for about 85% of people.
It’s generally considered your STRETCHED EARS will not close after 2g/6mm or 0g/8mm. That’s a 19mm difference.
That’s a given, but STRETCHING should never ever even hurt.
You do want to downsize, but if you get a single flare plug and push it in back to front, your ear should reabsorb the blowout. Even if you do blow out, you don’t need to abandon your stretching endeavor at all.
THAT’S JUST FUCKING LOGIC. Don’t put alcohol near your ears though, it’s a cell destroying lobe fucker.
Finally, NO FUCKING WAY WILL ONE INCH STRETCHES CLOSE. Unless you fancy having a reconstructive surgery, the only way to get them totally back to normal is remain under 8mm (as average, some people’s go back up to 12, others as little as 4mm)

SBoF being an idiot once more

This is hilarious.
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